Sunday, July 24, 2005

How to make WAPIs?

WAPI--- Production Process and Materials

1. 3/8”outside diameter x 1/4” inside diameter poly carbonate tubing. Usually comes in 8 ft. lengths.
2. 4 pound test mono-filament fish line cut into 15” lengths.
3. 2 each washers .174”x.4375”x.32” flat, 18-8 ss. (#8 washer)
4. 1 each flat washer, 18-8ss, 3/8” IDx1”OD.
5. Myverol 18-06 K wax.

Production Process

Station 1 – Cut tubing into lengths of 2 1/2”. Use PVC pipe cutters (easiest)

Station 2 – Using a small propane torch, heat one tube end and crimp closed with pair of pliers and let cool.

Station 3 – Put wax inside tube ( about 3/8” of wax) and add large washer over non-crimped end.

Station 4 – Using the propane torch, heat opposite end of tube and crimp using pliers. Let cool.

Station 5 – Drill 1/32” diameter hole in each flattened end of tube.

Station 6 – Cut fish line to 15” lengths. Tie one small washer (3/8”OD) to one end of fish line. Thread this line through one end of the tube, up along side of tube, under and through the large washer, and through the hole at the opposite end of the tube.

Station 7 – Tie a small washer (3/8” OD) at opposite end of fish line.

Station 8 – Insert instruction and WAPI into plastic bag (6 1/2”x3 1/4”). Snack bag.


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